We know that not all investors are hands on and prefer to not be involved in the logistics of managing the properties that they are vested in. Rather, they would prefer to have a company collect the rent, post notices, take care of evictions (on their behalf), cut the grass, offer after hour services, and keep records of invoices and expenses among other things.

SDM Management Properties LLC is well connected in tenant services including finding tenants for your rentals and having a full service Property Management Company take care of all the hands on discrepancies that come along with owning rental property. We would especially recommend this service to new investors/Landlords so they may learn the ins and outs of what all is involved with managing an occupied residence.

Having a close relationship with our brokerage we are able to help clients who are looking to become landlords and who may be looking for a property management company to releive them of the stress of that title. Our brokerage, Real Estate Opportunity has been in the business for over 25 years and offers full service for Property Management Services. Contact us so we can schedule a consultation to see what we can do to help with your investing endeavors!